Taiye Selasi has a new book out! Titled Anansi and the Golden Pot, the book is written for children aged 3-5. It is a retelling of the famous West African fable about the mischievous spider. The book is illustrated by the Nigerian artist Tinuke Fagborun and was published on February 15 by DK Children, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

The well-known author of Ghana Must Go shared that she wrote the book for her son Safa. With the publication of the book, she gets to share it with a wider audience of little readers and their families. Selasi is an accomplished storyteller. It is exciting to see her bring her storytelling chops to the delightful world of children’s story.

Anansi and the Golden Pot tells the story of a boy named Anansi and his unforgettable encounter with the famous spider who is his name sake. The story offers powerful lessons about love, sharing, and community. Kirkus Review says it’s “a great choice to introduce young readers to West Africa’s wonderful Anansesem storytelling tradition.”

Congrats to Selasi!

Enjoy this video of Selasi reading from the book.

Read a description of the book by its publishers and see buying options:

“Award-winning author of Ghana Must Go, Taiye Selasi, reimagines the story of Anansi, the much-loved trickster, for a new generation. Kweku has grown up hearing stories about the mischievous spider Anansi. He is given the nickname Anansi by his father because of his similarly cheeky ways. On a holiday to visit his beloved Grandma in Ghana, Anansi the spider and Anansi the boy meet, and discover a magical pot that can be filled with whatever they want. Anansi fills it again and again with his favorite red-red stew, and eats so much that he feels sick. Will he learn to share this wonderful gift?

This charming retelling of a West African story teaches readers about the dangers of greed, and the importance of being kind. Tinuke Fagborun’s colorful illustrations bring the magic and wonder of the tale to life. When you’ve finished sharing the story, you can also find out more about the origins of Anansi folktales. This is a beautiful storybook that little ones will treasure forever.”

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