Nigerian-American writer Jordan Ifueko just announced some fantastic news – she has a new romantic fantasy titled The Maid and the Crocodile coming out on August 13, 2024 with Amulet Books. Fans of Ifueko’s Raybearer series will be happy to know that the new book is set in the magical world of Raybearer as well!

The book synopsis begins with an intriguing quote, “The smallest spark can bind two hearts . . . or start a revolution.” In the capital city of Oluwan, country girl Small Sade needs a job as a maid, with employers who don’t mind her appearance and unlucky foot. But she accidentally binds herself to a powerful god known as the Crocodile, who is said to devour pretty girls.

However, there is a twist in the tale. Small Sade entrances the Crocodile with her secret: she is a Curse Eater, gifted with the ability to alter people’s fates by cleaning their houses. Although the god warns Sade that their fates are bound, she evades him. She launches herself into a new career as the maid aka Curse Eater of a swanky inn, determined to impress the wealthy inhabitants and earn her place in Oluwan City. Here’s hoping that her past and the Crocodile don’t ruin her plans.

Ifueko announced the exciting news about her upcoming book on her Instagram and added that fans of the Raybearer series, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Beauty and the Beast will enjoy her upcoming book. However, no prior knowledge of the Raybearer series is necessary.

She also included some quotes from the book as a sneak peek for readers. Check them out below:


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Jordan Ifueko is a Nigerian-American writer of fantasy and young adult fiction. She is best known for her novel Raybearer, which became a New York Times bestseller and was nominated for the Andre Norton Award and the Goodreads Choice Award for best Debut Novel and best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction. The novel was also honored as one of the American Library Association’s (ALA) Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults and ALA Top Ten Best Fiction. The sequel, Redemptor was published in 2021 and nominated for Ignyte Awards, Lodestar Award and Andre Norton Award.

Congrats to Ifueko! Preorder here.