Ugandan-South African novelist Ijangolet Ogwang has a new book coming out. The title of the novel is The End, The Beginning, Everything in-between, A Love Story and will be published in the second half of 2022. Ijangolet was born in Kenya to Uganda parents and raised in South Africa. In 2018 she published her debut novel, An Image in a Mirror, which was shortlisted for the UJ debut novel award 2019 and longlisted for the Dublin Literary award 2020.

While in An Image in a Mirror explores the choice a mother makes that effects her twin daughters, The End, The Beginning, Everything in-between, A Love Story centers how three generations of women love. The novel, divided into three parts, explores how love manifests and morphs for each character. In the first section, an older woman narrates her story of being in a loveless marriage paralleled with a discussion of the country she once loved. The second part, takes the form of a conversation between lovers as they fall in love. The final section explores a young woman with two lovers, Harare and Accra. 

Read a short snippet from the novel.

She will tell you that sometimes you meet someone, and it feels like you have loved them before, and every moment serves to retrieve what your bodies and souls already know. It feels like you are working backward, the love is final, and now you are left trying to make sense of it.

Congratulations to Ijangolet! We look forward to adding this book to our shelves!