The Namibian literary magazine Doek! is currently open for submissions. They are seeking original works by Namibian writers in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and visual art. Accepted writers and artists will receive a modest payment.

Those who are eligible to submit are Namibian citizens living in the country; Namibian citizens, or those of Namibian descent, living in the diaspora (outside Namibia); and Foreign nationals who permanently reside in Namibia.

Submitted pieces will be considered for issues 8-10. The submission periods are outlined below:

ISSUE 9 (due in August, 2022): 25 April 2023—14 June 2023

ISSUE 10 (due in November, 2022): 21 June 2023—14 September 2023

The editors are looking for pieces that explore a wide variety of themes and subjects in new, interesting ways. Re-occurring subjects, such as grief, trauma and death are welcome as far as contributors bring newer, more complex interpretations to them. All accepted works are automatically considered for the biennial Doek! Literary Awards.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Only original work will be considered.Previously published work (in any medium, including social media or personal blogs) is not accepted.
  2. Novels or manuscript excerpts; film scripts or plays; journalism, management or self-help texts are not eligible for consideration.
  3. Submissions must be written in English.Writers and poets may use words or phrases from any of Namibia’s indigenous languages provided their meaning can be understood within the text (without resort to glossaries or footnotes).
  4. Submissions may not exceed 3500 words.There is no minimum word count.

Read the full guidelines here.