The Nigerian-Finnish author Minna Salami, author of Sensuous Knowledge: A Radical Black Feminist Approach for Everyone, is the cover star for the London-based women-focused Media-tech company Violet Simon’s “Disruptors” issue, series 1.

Salami shared the news on Instagram, noting how much she loved the experience: “I loved everything about this magazine project! It was so wonderful speaking about disruption with @violetsimonofficial on Zoom. Thank you sis for the feature interview, it moved me a lot to read how deeply you heard me 🙏🏽💪🏽.”

Salami is resplendent in a south-Asian inspired look. Her gold, burgundy, and dark blue ensembles were styled by Aisha Paparella. Hair and make-up by Regina Meesen and Lola Maja, respectively. Lagos-based Nigerian artist Asiko is the photographer.

The issue profiles 35 women who are disrupting the status quo and effecting much-needed change in their various fields and disciplines. Salami joins the likes of the British-Eritrean writer Desta Haile, educationist and activist Dr Nicola Sharpe-Jeff OBE, beautypreneur Jamelia Donaldson, and the Nigerian visual artist Chidinma Nnoli. Some of the themes explored across these interviews include “feminism, mental health, racial discrimination, tackling domestic violence and violence against women, sustainability, disability and wellness.”

Violet Simon interviewed Salami for the feature piece. Simon remarks, on Instagram, that during the interview Salami opened up about personal experiences as well as shared her thoughts and reflections on matters of public concern. Some of the issues addressed in the interview include her experience with automatic writing and its transformative effect on her life, her experience with sexual assault and the need to eliminate the culture of silence around gender-based violence, and the need to reclaim motherhood from age-long ideals rooted in patriarchy. She also spoke about her book Sensuous Knowledge, and its feminist principles that are core elements for disruption.

The series is available to order both in digital format and in limited 260-page print edition. Go here to order.

You can also get tickets to attend a virtual event commemorating the launch of the series on 6 July by 6pm. The event is themed “Mechanics Of Disruption: What It Takes To Be A Disruptor In Today’s Word.” It will feature a panel discussion, talks and a networking session. Go here for details and find tickets here.

See some of the photos from the cover shoot: by Asiko via Instagram.