We gaze at each other’s lips, seductively,
Enticingly looking at the faint trace of ‘staches on our upper lips,
With wild thoughts transversing our nubile minds

Our fingers become entwined
With crackling electricity rumbling through our skins
We hold each other tight as we become enlivened
Our muscular biceps bulging
Our anterior tails hardening

Then, our parted lips meet themselves halfway
Soft deep moans erupt from our throats
It’s primal, it’s raw, it’s bestial
We groan as the passions become enflamed

Why are stolen foods always the sweetest?
Why is forbidden love always the best?
Those thoughts are cast aside this evening
We’ll consume ourselves of our cravings tonight

The kiss lasts for an eternity
Eliciting sweet moans, utterly sensuous sounds
We pop and spark like fodder for fire
Our bodies intertwine, we kiss our necks

Then he has his all of me
Filling me to a fulfilment I’ve never attained
Stroking me as our bodies were set on fire
Igniting me like I was doused in gasoline

As rapturous pleasure spread from our groins
To the entirety of our bodies
We wracked in spasmodic ecstasy
Erupting like volcanoes spewing magma
Erupting like fireworks in the sky.








Photo by Dylann Hendricks | 딜란 on Unsplash