Nigerian speculative fiction author Suyi Davies Okungbowa is a dad! The author of Son of the Storm, David Mogo Godhunter, and more recently, Netflix’s Stranger Things spinoff novel Lucas on the Line, welcomed a baby over the winter.

Okungbowa shared the news on Instagram, with the cute little caption: “A new writer has joined the group chat! 👶🏾.” In his newsletter After Five, he reflects on the experience of fatherhood, writing: “I can’t describe the immense joy, surprise and reflection that being a parent to The Youngling brings.” He also reveals that becoming a parent has been life-changing. In addition to “diaper changes” and “midnight snacking,” it has inspired him to “re-envision [his] approach to everything: writing, life, work, etc.”

Congratulations to Okungbowa! We wish him the deepest joy in the journey of parenthood.


Photo via Okungbowa’s Instagram.