Nigerian author Chibundu Onuzo has released her second single. In addition to novels and an award winning film, her fans now have one more way to relate to Chibundu as an artist. The title of the single is “Coming Home” and was released on June 24. 

Take a listen here:

As Chibundu notes in a reel shared on Instagram, she has enjoyed much success in her career as a writer. She has authored three critically acclaimed novels. Her most recent novel, Sankofa, was featured on Reese Witherspoon’s bookclub and was also selected as an Amazon Editor’s Pick. Onuzo has also enjoyed successes in other art spaces as well. A short film she wrote, co-produced, and composed was shortlisted for the ABFF HBO film competition and went on to be streamed on HBO. 

In spite of these successes, singing has always had a special place in her heart. “When I was a little girl,” she notes on Instagram, “I wanted to be a singer.” Over the years, she focused on her writing and placed music on the back burner, except when she sang at literary events. She is finally embracing music. Last year, with the financial support of the Drake Yolanda Award, she released her first single “Good Soil” in tandem with the publication of her third novel Sankofa. Watch the music video here.

 “Coming Home” is a classic “take-me-back” song. It features a lover making a plea to be taken back. It is about saying sorry no matter how difficult it is. “This song is for people who find it difficult to apologise,” remarks Onuzo in a press statement. Onuzo’s voice is soulful, and the music is upbeat. It makes you want to dance, but it is also great for those still moments of romantic contemplation. 

The cover art is eye-catching. East London photographer Charlie Thornton took the portrait, and Vague Digital, a creative agency based in Manchester, UK, designed it. It captures the longing to find love in the comfort and familiarity of home. All this is conveyed in the polka-dotted dress and the bouffant hairdo set against a kitchen surrounded by spices, vials, and oils. 

Congrats to Onuzo! You can listen to the track on all your major streaming platforms.