Leading African speculative magazine Omenana has released its anticipated 22nd issue.

The special edition issue was published in collaboration with the US-based National Democratic Institute (NDI). The submissions call invited writers and illustrators from the continent to submit stories across the genre of speculative fiction, as well as illustrations, on the theme “Positive Visions of Democracy.”

The issue features fifteen stories from writers across Africa and South America.

In an editorial note, founding editor and BBC journalist Chiagozie Nwonwu (under the pen name of Mazi Nwonwu) detailed the circumstance that spurred the initiative, noting the uniqueness of the accepted stories, most of which aptly illustrated the subgenre: Hope Punk.

Hope Punk is relatively new and has not really been explored by writers of the speculative in Africa. Even in the global north where it was thought up, the landscape of Hope Punk is only being mapped. As such, we are thrilled with the entries we got, especially as many of the stories embodied the optimism that is at the heart of the Hope Punk subgenre.

Some of the stories in the special edition will form part of a global anthology edited by Dr Amy Johnson in late 2022. Stories for the anthology will be selected from Omenana and two other SF magazines from South America (Mafagafo and A Taverna) and an SF magazine based in Asia (Mithila Review).

See the full editorial content below:

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