like any other love story
this poem begins at the end
of a bleak & eerie road
overgrown with trees of desolation.
all hope already lost
in the hazing mist. when the body
becomes a basket
unable to retain
any semblance of desire. &
everything beautiful withers its relish
at the orifice of the mouth. in that moment
when the heart ends yearning &
every ululation gives way to soft silence. then
our hero stumbles
on the mystic — emerging from within
the smoke — & falls
hard in love. flowers begin blossoming
in place of the bitterness that once coated the tongue.
& even time stops
to watch the birthing of a magical thing.
in that very moment of perfect bliss —
rid of anxiety. & bitterness. & animosity —
is where this poem lies.







Photo by Mahrael Boutros from Pexels