Award-winning Nigerian author Ifeoma Chinwuba has a new novel coming out in 2023 titled Sons of the East. The novel will be published by Griots Lounge Canada, a publishing press that focuses on featuring minority African-Canadian writers of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

Sons of the East is centered on an unconventional romance narrative where a widow must marry one of her late husband’s brothers to abide by tradition. According to a Facebook post by Griots Lounge, the book description is as follows:

Jasper’s young widow, as custom demands, must now choose one of his brothers as surrogate spouse. Another battle ensues, this time for the hand of the delectable Amata. At first, the widow declines to shack up with her husband’s traducers. However, on the insistence of her in-laws and prodded by the Okonkwo matriarch, she finally makes her choice.

We cannot wait to find out which brother Amata chooses to marry. Chinwuba’s new novel is sure to be an exciting read full of intrigue, adventure, and romance!

See the publisher’s cover reveal announcement below:

Ifeoma Chinwuba is a Nigerian poet and novelist, who started out as a child refugee and eventually served as Nigeria’s Ambassador to Cote D’Ivoire. She is currently Professor of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta and served as the University’s Writer-in-Residence for the past year. Chinwuba is the author of five books. Her books Merchants of Flesh (2003) and Waiting for Maria (2007) have won the Prose Prizes of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), while Waiting for Maria was longlisted for The Commonwealth Writers Prize in 2008.

Congrats to Chinwuba on her upcoming novel! Sons of the East will be published in Fall/Winter 2023.