Photo sourced from Eloghosa Osunde’s Instagram.

We are all about celebrating wins, milestones, and the many joys of life. Eloghosa Osunde recently celebrated the one-year birthday of her debut novel Vagabonds!’ with a set of stunning photos.

In the photo shoot, she went for timeless, confident, and chic. The black dress is elegant. Its sleek silhouette adorned with a pearl necklace and the red lipstick says sophistication and glamour.

Osunde shared the photos on Instagram with a caption, in which she celebrates her freedom to be herself and express her creative truth. She also thanked the book for being “the force that turned me into myself.”

Vagabond!, published on March 15 last year, is set in Lagos and tells the story of a band of outcasts with supernatural powers. The book received has been praised by critics and readers. It was New York Times’ Critics Choice, a finalist for the Waterstones Debut Fiction Prize, has been longlisted for the Center for Fiction’s First Novel Prize, among other accolades.

Read the full caption below.

thank you for being the boundless spirit who could write Vagabonds! & still be standing. Thank you for moving from your core first and thinking about everything else later. Thank you for pursuing your freedom with your life, for choosing stories from insideinside that place that’s only ours and God’s, and for never allowing anyone else to tell you what you are.

Thank you for solidifying my walk and clarifying my work to me. Thank you for being a from-that-side thing with its own destiny, for introducing yourself with audacity before you even had skin. You will always be the one that changed everything, the breeze that moved the world on my behalf; the force that turned me into myself.

Happy book birthday to #1 — the debut — and I! Happy VAGABONDS! Day to all who celebrate (iykyk).

Make wild wherever you are, however you like. Move free. It is your right.

See the stunning photos of Osunde below:


All photos sourced from Eloghosa Osunde’s Instagram @eloosunde.