South African comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has been showing tons of love and support to African artists and creatives. Earlier this summer he host Nigerian author Akwaeke Emezi on the show to talk about their new book. Most recently, he sat with Ghanian writer, musician, and producer Blitz Bazawule on his novel The Scent of Burnt Flowers and its adaptation to TV.

Here are some highlights from the interview below.

On Blitz’ journey of being a multifaceted creative. 

“I’ve always been enamored with storytelling. That for me is the beginning. I grew up with a grandmother that told stories. They were incredible, they were always visual. I call it the HBO-Showtime-Netflix of its time. And the beauty of that was, they were imaginative. I grew understanding that stories could be nonlinear, they could be powerful tools for the imagination. So over time, for me, thats been it. It’s chasing this idea of storytelling. Understanding that stories bring us together. Especially as a continent where stories are so few and far in between, and so few people know about our stories, I found having to do it in multiple mediums and allows me to tell more of the exact same story.”

On making sure the upcoming TV adaptation of The Scent of Burnt Flowers.

“Its really going to be a fantastic exploration because one thing I found about writing is that you can create these multiple layers and backstory in ways that you probably couldn’t in television. In television or film, you’ve got a visual medium in which you can tell nonverbal stories. You can show people as opposed to telling. So I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I can go in here [the book] whenever I need it but I also have the visual whenever I need to tell the story.”

Watch the full video here.