Nnedi Okorafor visited the Museum of the Future in Dubai earlier this month and posted about her trip on Instagram.

Okorafor was invited to speak at the Dubai Future Forum held at the Museum of the Future from October 11-12, 2022.

We are loving Okorafor’s recent posts where she shows excitement about the adorable robots in the museum and conversations about technological innovation, in keeping with her sci-fi author persona. See the photos below:

Okorafor presented at two panels and one interview at the Dubai Future Forum, where the topics included decolonizing the future and terraforming planets. The photos from the events look absolutely stunning as the spacious halls of the museum are decorated with purple lights and globes to resemble outer space.

Recording every part of the journey, Okorafor posted the caption: “Just arrived in Dubai and am really excited to be a part of this event.”


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In another post, Okorafor exclaims, “The Museum of the Future was amazing (these are only a minuscule fraction of the pics I took), and as you can see, I’m obsessed with the architecture of it.”

See the photos below to find out more about Okorafor’s trip!


All images sources from @nnediokorafor on Instagram.