Submissions are now open for the fourth issue of Ugandan literary magazine The Nalubaale Review. The theme of the upcoming issue is “Future,” so feel free to submit any futuristic stories that you are proud of penning.

The Nalubaale Review is an online literary magazine based in Uganda. It has published three issues on the topics of the love-money question, travel, and COVID-19. Download and read the previous issues here.

In the fourth issue, the magazine is looking to publish stories written by African writers about the imagined future, including poems, short stories, articles, photo essays, skits, and cartoons. The call says:

Have you imagined what the world will look like, sound like and even ‘taste’ like 50 years from now? We would like to read your imaginations, your creations and predictions. Who knows, you may predict right.

Please email your submission and a bio to The Nalubaale Review.

DEADLINE: April 30, 2023

Good luck to all applicants! Please email the magazine if you have any questions.