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Nigerian-British author Nuzo Onoh and self-proclaimed “queen of African horror” will publish a terrifying new novel The Ghosts in the Moon in fall 2024. The rights were sold to Titan Books.

The novel contains three separate but interlinked stories about three generations of the same family. The family is unique since the green-eyed members possess magical powers. Beginning in the modern age and traveling backward, the novel explores the hardships undergone by a son, a wife, and a mother, and how their problems are overcome with the help of “family, magic, and an amazing shadow-killer.”

Read the synopses for the three stories below:

The Lady of The Tree

A boy, on his way to being a young man, learns of the two demons who are in control of his father. Horrible and unexplainable things happen, worst of all the death of his mother. Years later, when the demons have no more use of the old man, they start looking for fresh blood within the family. The young man has to fight for his life. Unexpectedly, help arrives. Great-grandmother Nohé stands by her offspring and she has brought reinforcements.

The Ghosts in the Moon

A wife and husband try to have children, but unfortunately aren’t capable. When they learn he is the problem and not her, her mother-in-law convinces her son that it’s her doing and she helps him kill the wife. After her death, even as she is coming to grips with the fact that she is dead, the ghosts in the moon, Nohé, her Tulpa and other green eyed deceased relatives, help her take revenge.

The Seventh Hut

Nohé is a wife and a mother. Her husband has more wives, lots of daughters, but just a couple of sons. Woké, son of Nohé, is the oldest of the two. All is well, until children start to disappear. The old, angry, lonely and weird aunt of Woké appears to be responsible. When nine children are gone, Nohé has had enough. She summons her Tulpa, a shadow-killer, from her body and mind. Together they confront and fight aunt Chugo, find the bones of the lost children and restore peace to the village and the decimated family.

Based on the descriptions of these stories, we cannot wait to sink our teeth into the ghostly characters that Onoh has penned. This book is definitely a must read for fans of African horror!

Check out Onoh’s book announcement below:

Nuzo Onoh is a Nigerian-British writer, hailed as the queen of the African horror genre and recently nominated for the British Science Fiction Awards. Onoh’s books The Reluctant Dead (2014) and Unhallowed Graves (2015) are collections of ghost stories depicting core Igbo culture, traditions, beliefs and superstitions. She has also written The Sleepless (2016), Dead Corpse (2017) and A Dance for the Dead (2022).

Congrats to Onoh on her upcoming novel!