Heather Akumiah will publish her speculative debut novel Bad Witches with Blackstone Publishing in August 2024.

Akumiah’s debut novel follows three young New York City women who discover that they have supernatural gifts. They are plunged into a “hidden world of danger, politics, and magic—the higher the stakes, the more determined they are to have fun along the way.”

According to Publisher’s Marketplace, the novel was originally pitched for fans of Sex and the City, The Magicians, and Insecure. Based on the description, it sounds like it will be an exciting, fast-paced read and great for fans of the fantasy genre.

Heather Akumiah is an American fiction writer currently based in London. She has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, a master’s in History, and an enduring love of reality TV.

Congrats to Akumiah on her debut novel!