Hankering for a darkly twisted romance novel featuring sugar daddies, a trip to the Babalawo (high priest of the Ifá oracle), and lots of sex? Nigerian author Tomilola Coco Adeyemo has got you covered? Adeyemo’s Sugar Daddy Chronicles: Lewa, was published earlier this month and is available on Bambooks and Kindle.

The book follows Lewa and her erotic adventures. Lewa was brought to Lagos, Nigeria’s largest and most alluring city, by a woman named Sisi, unaware of the true nature of her “work.” Alongside two other young women, Lewa finds herself in a lavish mansion belonging to a young and handsome Babalawo named Dimeji. She soon realizes they are being initiated into a life of prostitution. Trapped by her financial needs, Lewa and the others take oaths of loyalty to Simi, before the goddess of the graveyard, sealing their fate. The story chronicles Lewa’s life as a sex worker, but much of the drama and suspense come from Lewa’s entanglements with the irresistible Dimeji, who doubles as a Babalawo and right-hand-man/lover of Lewa’s boss, Simi.

For Lewa, this world of sleeping with wealthy men for money is entirely foreign, and her past did not prepare her for it. But as she immerses herself in this new reality, she becomes determined to take a stand for herself. Adeyemo’s book is a fresh take on the sugar daddy erotica genre because of the different elements it blends together. Sex and desire is wrapped up with Yoruba ritual culture. Although Adeyemo’s book falls under the genre of erotica and contemporary romance, the book does have thriller elements.

Sugar Daddy Chronicles: Lewa also presents a feminist perspective, shedding light on patriarchal violence. It explores how powerful men resort to violence as their default mode, especially when they are interacting with a vulnerable young woman. The book candidly addresses the exposure of women’s lives to violence, particularly within the context of sex work. However, readers should be aware of potential triggers, as the novel does tackle themes of violence and abuse.

One of the highlights of Adeyemo’s book is the portrayal of the main character, Lewa. She is a strong-willed woman who embraces her passion for polyamory. Defying society’s expectations regarding women’s desires, Lewa breaks free from the confines of monogamy, which is sometimes used to restrict women from exploring their desire. Lewa’s story is about self-discovery and the openness to explore sexual experiences that are more in line with one’s true self. 

Right from the opening scene of the novel, Lewa makes it abundantly clear that she is not a passive object of desire. With each sexual encounter, especially those outside of her life as a sex worker, she explores her desires, always open to pushing the boundaries on pleasure. Through Lewa, the book challenges the norms and politics around female pleasure.

Sugar Daddy Chronicles: Lewa is an irreverent book—unbothered about ruffling feathers. If you love a bold, honest take on sex and desire, you’re in luck. Overall, it is easy to get swept up into Adeyemo’s spicy albeit dark romance novel and the fast-paced plot. For fans of romance and thrillers, Lewa’s story is a must-read.

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