Hey Brittlepaperians. Are you looking to dive into the world of African mythology? Maybe you’re an artist looking for inspiration or you are on a quest for spiritual wisdom or you simply have a curious mind! Well, listen up! We are launching a new book list series you’ll love.

The book lists in the series are carefully curated to cover a range of ideas, including philosophy, history, language, archaeology, divination but also poetry and fiction that spans everything from folklore to science fiction to children’s books.

Our first stop: YORUBA MYTHOLOGY!

Some of the books below focus on history, language and culture. The Yoruba: A New History by Nigerian archaeologist Akinwunmi Ogundiran is a brilliant exploration of Yoruba history from a few thousand years before to more recent history.

It is always good to have a comprehensive and trusted dictionary on hand, especially when you are dealing with linguistic aspects of a culture that you are not very familiar with. We think you’ll find Yoruba Modern Practical Dictionary helpful.

Oyekan Owomoyela’s Yoruba Trickster Tales is a fun, quick read that focuses on folklore. Scholarly books like Wole Soyinka’s Myth, Literature and the African World and Lilith Dorsey’s Orishas, Goddesses, and Voodoo Queens provide a fascinating look into Yoruba philosophy on art, creativity, and spirituality.

Finally for the fiction lovers, we have included classics like D. O. Fagunwa’s Forest of a Thousand Daemons and more recent works like Molara Wood’s Indigo. Some of the newer novels inspired by Yoruba culture include speculative fiction such as Efua Traore’s Children of the Quicksands and Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone.

Check out the booklist below!