Ugandan poet Tramaine Suubi’s debut poetry collection explores the phases of the moon and the beauty of change. Aptly titled Phases, the collection will be published by Amistad, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Suubi’s poetry collection features their collection of original poems inspired by the moon’s phases and all types of transformative change in one’s life, even that which is inspired by heartbreak. Phases sounds like it will be a brilliant read, especially for those who enjoy poetry driven by nature.

Suubi posted about their book news on Instagram, saying:

grateful for my very first book. grateful for our one and only moon. grateful to God, to my partner, to my siblings, to my best friends, to my close friends, to my mentors, to all my language & literature teachers, to my agents, to my editor, to everyone who loved my book into existence. webare, webale, webare, webale, webare, webale, webare.

Tramaine Suubi is a multilingual Bantu artist born in Uganda and raised in the US. They received their MFA at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is a University of Iowa Fellowship recipient. Their poems have been published in Brink Literary Magazine, Solstice Literary Magazine, Prompt Press, Protest Through Poetry and other spaces.

Congrats to Suubi!