Congolese-born entrepreneur Janice Omadeke is set to publish her debut nonfiction book Mentorship Unlocked: The Science and Art of Setting Yourself Up for Success. The book will be published by Wiley in spring 2024.

Omadeke is the CEO and founder of “The Mentor Method”, a company set up in 2016 that helps organizations set up mentoring programs for their employees, while promoting equal employment opportunities. The Mentor’s Method’s software program makes it impossible to predict mentor-mentee duos and thus helps fight against stereotypes in the mentoring process. The algorithm also uses potential compatibility to form mentor-mentee pairs.

Omadeke’s startup was inspired by the experiences of her father, an immigrant to the US, who was able to get a job in the private sector and provide for his family through the benefits of a mentoring program. This helped her realize the impact of mentoring on people’s careers.

The forthcoming book Mentorship Unlocked is a how-to guide to mentorship in today’s workplace, from finding the perfect mentor to fostering successful relationships. We are certain this book will inspire many marginalized folks in the workplace to take their career into their own hands and seek effective mentors!

Omadeke graduated from Longwood University in 2009 and received a Certificate in Strategic Management from Harvard University in 2015. She started her professional career in 2009 as a graphic designer. Since 2019, she has been the CEO of The Mentor Method. Today, her company is a member of the Google for Startups program. She is the first Black woman in Austin, TX history to have a venture-backed exit.

She also became one of the first 100 Black women in the United States to raise over $1M in seed funding for a tech startup. Omadeke was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Women of Influence in 2022 and DivInc’s Champion of Change Diversity Champion of the Year for the city of Austin. Black Entreprise also recognized her as one of the top 5 women of African descent in technology in District Columbia, DC.

Congrats to Omadeke on the new book!