Image sourced from Damilare Kuku’s Instagram.

Nigerian actress and author Damilare Kuku is publishing her debut novel about a woman’s desire to renew herself through a butt lift. Aptly titled Only Big Bumbum Matters Tomorrow, the novel will be released by Harper Via in 2024.

First off, we love the main character and themes of Kuku’s novel. A strong powerful female protagonist with the confidence to explore her desires and her body is exactly what we need in forthcoming African literature! And the funny title makes it certain that humor will definitely be a big part of the book.

In Only Big Bumbum Matters Tomorrow, a young Nigerian woman announces, at her beloved father’s funeral, that she plans to reinvent herself with a Brazilian butt lift and a move to Lagos. This sudden news sends shockwaves throughout her family and leads to the emergence of long-held secrets.

We cannot wait to find out what these secrets are and how the main character deals with the fall out after she transforms her body. But also, we are glad that topics such as plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments are not treated as taboo anymore and are being openly thematized by authors like Kuku.

Read the full synopsis below:

“You want to act like you don’t know that everybody dey buy bumbum now?”

Freshly out of Obafemi Awolowo University, 20-year-old Temi has a clear plan for her future: she is going to surgically enlarge her backside like all the other Nigerian women, move from Ile-Ife to Lagos, and meet a man who will love her senseless. When she finally finds the courage to tell her mother, older sister, and aunties, her announcement causes an uproar. Nigerian families can really be an obstacle in a girl’s journey to physical perfection.

But as each of the other women try to cure Temi of what seems like temporary insanity, they begin to spill long-buried secrets, including the truth of Temi’s older sister’s mysterious disappearance five years earlier. In the end, it seems like Temi might be the sanest of them all…

In Only Big Bumbum Matters Tomorrow, Damilare Kuku brings her signature humor, boldness, and compassion to each member of this loveable but exasperating family, whose lives reveal the ways in which a woman’s physical appearance can dictate her life and relationships and show just how sharp the double-edged sword of beauty can be.

Kuku has worked as a radio presenter, scriptwriter, film producer, actress, and director. She is the author of the short story collection Nearly All The Men In Lagos Are Mad (2021). Read our review here.

Congrats to Kuku on her debut novel! It is set to release on July 30, 2024.