The 2023 Utopia Awards have just been announced last week and the results were shocking. Omenana Magazine stories have won in 3 of the 8 award categories, including the prestigious “Utopian Anthology/Collection” award.

The 2023 Utopia Awards were presented in association with the Climate Fiction Conference (CliFiCon23), a live, virtual conference celebrating climate fiction and providing networking and educational space for climate fiction authors, readers, editors, and publishers. CliFiCon is organized by Android Press, a science fiction and fantasy press based in Eugene, Oregon.

Unlike most awards, the Utopia Awards do not consist of a judging panel. Voting for the awards is open to the public on their website. Winners were announced at the virtual Utopia Awards ceremony during CliFiCon23.

This makes Omenana’s wins even more exciting because it shows that sci-fi readers genuinely enjoy their published stories and the magazine is well-received by the public.

Here are the 2023 winners for all the award categories:

Utopian Novel

The World We Make, N. K. Jemisin (Orbit). Get here.

Utopian Novella

Under Pressure, Fabio Fernandes (NewCon). Get here.

Utopian Novelette

“A Question of Choice”, Rimi B. Chatterjee (Reckoning 12/22). Read here.

Utopian Anthology/Collection

Omenana 22: Positive Visions of Democracy, Iquo DianaAbasi & Mazi Nwonwu, eds. Read here.

Utopian Short Story

“Neyllo”, Naomi Eselojor (Omenana 7/22). Read here.

Utopian Poem

“I do not wish to carry so much burden”, Chukwuma-Eke Pacella (Strange Horizons 9/26/22). Read here.

Utopian Art

Jema Byamugisha, Art for “Neyllo” (Omenana 7/22). See here.

Utopian Nonfiction

“Horror and Hope in Climate Fiction”, Sarena Ulibarri (Strange Horizons 1/24/22). Read here.

Congrats to the winning writers and Omenana Magazine!