The 2023 Sexual Utopia conference celebrated the theme of “Compelling Freedom and Liberation” and was a resounding success! The 5th edition of the festival was held from November 25–26, 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya and was full of stimulating conversation, thought-provoking discourse, and excitement.

Sexual Utopia is an annual festival, which began as Adventures Live!, the annual in-person community imprint of the long-running blog, Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women. This online haven, co-founded by writer best friends Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah (author of The Sex Lives of African Women) and fellow writer Malaka Grant, has served as a safe space for women and gender non-conforming people from all over the African continent to share their sex stories and express their desires freely while exchanging ideas and learning from each other.

The festival is the physical manifestation of the blog, and since 2019, has provided participants with an even more engaging forum for the conversations they have loved and been a part of since the blog was started a decade earlier. The festival has been successful in creating a safe space for a perfect utopia with no shame or judgment.

The last three editions of the festival have been hosted in Accra, Ghana. Since last year, the festival ventured into East Africa-Kenya and was hosted in Nairobi, in collaboration with The Spread Pod (the revolutionary sex-positive podcast helmed by Kaz).

This year’s theme was “Sexual Utopia: Compelling Freedom and Liberation.” Thr impressive lineup of guests and speakers included Jet Setting Jasmine, healer and spiritual coach Kui Mahihu, Tatiana Karanja, gender-bending, true king of Kenya, Majic Dyke, and more. This time, there was also a series of masterclasses and even more hands-on workshops after the main event, such as “Bounds of Pleasure” and “Kinky Kenya”.

Check out the photos from this year’s festival below!


All photos sourced from Sexual Utopia’s Instagram @oursexualutopia and Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah’s Instagram @dfordarkoa.