Brittle Paper submissions editor Tahzeeb Akram has just launched her very own literary consulting initiative titled Crafter’s Ink. If you are a writer with a fiction, nonfiction, or poetry manuscript that you would like some help with assessing/reworking/editing before you submit to publishers, Crafter’s Ink. is the place to go!

Tahzeeb Akram is a literary editor and curator born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She received her BA degree from the University of Cape Town, majoring in Literary Studies and Classics, and two postgraduate degrees from the university formally known as Rhodes. She obtained her Master’s in Literary Studies with a specialised focus on queer Nigerian literature. Currently the Submissions Editor at Brittle Paper, she has 7 years experience as a literary editor and curator.

In a conversation with Brittle Paper, Akram mentioned that Crafter’s Ink. has been a project she has considered for quite some time but the idea really came together during the pandemic. She added, “I was still doing my MA and contemplating how I foresee my career planning out and I knew literary consulting was something I was very passionate about.”

During her time as Head Editor at Odd Magazine in 2021, Akram was telling a friend, Shameelah Khan, who was Chief Editor at Odd at the time, about her idea. Khan helped Akram come up with a name and gave her a lot of support in following this dream. Akram added she feels she is well-qualified to launch this initiative: “Now that I am confident in my experience and have had the tremendous pleasure of working with so many aspiring writers at Brittle Paper, I feel ready to start this journey.”

The main objectives of Crafter’s Ink. is to provide four key services to creatives, especially writers. These are concept consulting, manuscript assessment, editing and proofing, and publication preparation. Check out the details of what these services will entail below:

  • Concept Consulting – Bring your manuscript idea and plot outline to the table and we will unpack it, discuss the idea, and work on building your concept.
  • Manuscript Assessment – Submit your manuscript for review and receive thorough feedback that can be discussed through email correspondence or a virtual meeting.
  • Edit and Proof – Submit your work to undergo an editing process and to be proofread.
  • Publication Preparation – If you have work that is about to be published, submit to have it prepped and readied for the big day.

Akram remarked that Crafter’s Ink. is her way of helping emerging writers fulfill their dreams of getting published:

Crafter’s Ink. is my way of contributing to filling the daunting gap between a writer and their masterpiece. I’m proud of the literary platforms I’ve been a part of, spaces that publish and celebrate aspiring writers, but that does not mean there isn’t a huge gap in the support structure we give writers in the creative industry. Writers, and all creatives, should have people and spaces they can go to where their work can be reviewed, where their ideas and concepts can be shared and explored, and where they get constructive feedback on how to enrich their craft. So many writers only get feedback or responses to their work once they have submitted it to a magazine or publisher and the responses are usually a swift acceptance or rejection. This is not a slight on the magazines and publishers because giving feedback takes time and resources and, at the end of the day, their job is to publish, not mentor.

We are thrilled that Akram is starting this new venture! She has done a flawless job as submissions editor of Brittle Paper all along and we cannot wait for her be able to help more writers through this initiative. Get help at Crafter’s Ink. here!