African Writers Trust has just launched their very own online bookshop. Named Tubaze African Books, the bookstore is now live!

Established in 2009, the African Writers Trust is a body that aims to bridge the divide between African writers and publishing professionals living in the siaspora and on the continent, bringing them together in order to promote synergies and to foster knowledge and learning between the two groups.

Goretti Kyomuhendo is a Ugandan novelist and founding director of the African Writers Trust. Her novels include The First Daughter (1996), Secrets No More (1999), which won the Uganda National Literary Award for Best Novel in the same year; and Waiting, published in 2007, and translated into Spanish in 2022. Her novella, Whispers from Vera was published in 2012. In 2014, she published the Essential Handbook for African Creative Writers.

Tubaze ensures that books by African writers published outside the continent are easily available and affordable to audiences in Africa. They invite you to explore African authors and their books from across Africa and its diaspora. According to Kyomuhendo, this bookshop has been a long time coming but now it is finally here.

Check out the stunning books available at Tubaze here.