We are thrilled to reveal the stunning cover for the upcoming short story anthology Love Grows Stronger in Death published by Witsprouts Books. Curated by Tope Akintayo and jointly edited by Basit Jamiu and Ibrahim Babátúndé Ibrahim, the anthology features stories by 15 emerging writers from Africa. It will be published on May 24.

Offering perspectives on love, life, and the enduring human spirit, Love Grows Stronger in Death delves into how unexplored affections and missed opportunities often resonate more strongly in the face of loss. It also explores the intricacies of relationships and the universal human experiences that bind us all.

Designed by Witsprouts’ in-house design team, the cover features a solid red background with the book title stamped onto it in multi-colored lettering to provide a relaxed look. A number of illustrations are spread out over the cover to demonstrate several forms of love. One striking one that catches my eye particularly is a skeleton (symbolizing death) embracing a heart (symbolizing love). These illustrations showcase the variety of stories that we can find within the pages of the collection!

Co-editor Ibrahim Babátúndé Ibrahim remarked that he has experienced a diverse range of exceptional talent as an editor on this project. The featured writers explore the same themes but in unique ways that keep you wondering what to expect from the next story. He adds he is convinced that this anthology will be important in conversations centered around the themes of love, loss, and grief within African literature and beyond.

Co-editor Basit Jamiu echoed Ibrahim’s thoughts, praising the anthology’s contributors:

The writers in this anthology have woven captivating stories that resonate deeply with me. It is a treasure-trove of insights and emotions. Often, the strength of the writers to go extra-length in finding new ways to mirror life is so moving. I am awed by the immense talents within the African continent. This is a gift, a true delight for any reader.

The contributors to the collection are Enit’ayanfe Ayosojumi Akinsanya, Roseline Mgbodichinma, Mustapha Enesi, Chinuzoke Chinuwa, Chourouq Nasri, David Ben Eke, Michael Chiedoziem Chukwudera, Chinonso Nzeh, Ayo Deforge, Elisha Oluyemi, Obinna Inogbo, Mohammed Babajide Mohammed, Aishat Adesanya, Miracle Elvis Ifesinachi, and Thirikwa Nyingi.

Witsprouts Anthologies is a literary initiative of the Witsprouts Project, an organization dedicated to fostering a deeper engagement in African arts, culture, and literature. The Anthologies project aims to provide a platform for celebrating Africa’s literary brilliance and fostering a thriving community for emerging writing talents.

Witsprouts has previously published The Year of Free Bird: Stories About Visually Impaired Protagonists; and Twenty-20: Stories and Lessons from the Pandemic Year.

Love Grows Stronger in Death is releasing on May 24. Preorder the anthology here!