Nigerian-American author Ehigbor Okosun is all set to release her second book of the Tainted Blood Duology titled Exiled by Iron. The YA fantasy will be published by HarperVoyager on October 22 this year.

The first book in the duology inspired by Nigerian mythology is Forged by Blood, where a young woman Démi fights to survive a tyrannical society. Currently, the nonmagical Ajes occupy her ancestral homeland of Ife, whose King is leading a brutal genocide against her people, the magic-wielding Oluso. While learning the blood magic that is her birthright, Démi is faced with the murder of her mother and seeks vengeance.

The sequel delves deeper into the mythology element as the Oluso uprising comes to a head and Démi comes to her breaking point. With the end of King Alistair Sorenson’s tyrannical reign, Dèmi is now ruling as Jonas’ Queen with hopes to free her people, the magical Oluso. Yet social prejudice, corruption, distrust, and the Oluso rebellion led by Ekwensi and Dèmi’s one-time lover Colin ultimately lead to war. Meanwhile, Dèmi struggles to control her newly awakened iron blood magic.

We cannot wait to read the epic conclusion to this tale! Read the full synopsis below:

Before long, a new evil appears that hunts Oluso and Ajè alike, promising desolation on a larger level than ever before. When the failed assassination puts the life of Dèmi’s loved one in danger as well as the future of the Oluso into question, Dèmi embarks on a treacherous journey to find an ancestral spirit whose aid could tip the scales in her favor. Whether her new powers will destroy the kingdom or heal the blood-soaked rifts that have pulled it apart, she does not know.

Beyond the battles of swords and magic, there is the battle for Dèmi’s heart. Jonas—the former enemy prince—has divided loyalties despite his love for Dèmi. And Ekwensi and Colin have every intention of winning her to their side, while a past pledge hangs over Dèmi’s head. Dèmi is caught between the kingdom, her people, and the spirits, and must decide what sacrifices she is willing to make for peace, and whether she can outrun the greatest danger that constantly puts her in peril—her own heart. Only one thing is for certain…

There will be blood.

Ehigbor Okosun is a Nigerian-American author, raised across four continents and now residing in the Southern United States. She writes speculative fiction, mystery thrillers, and contemporary novels for adult and YA audiences. She is a graduate of the University of Texas with degrees in Plan II Honors, Neurolinguistics, and English, as well as Chemistry and Pre-Medical studies and is a Cynthia Leitich Smith Mentorship Award finalist.

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