With more and more things becoming smart–smart phones, smart cars, smart-refrigerators, smart coffee mugs, and of course smart fighter jets–shouldn’t we worry that one day they’ll outsmart us and take over the world. I admit that this question always dead-ends and never really leads us in or out of anything. Still like most philosophical questions the power of the robot question is more in the asking than in the answering. Here at Brittle Paper we believe that a robot takeover will take place. It may or may not look anything like how Hollywood envisions it. But come it will.  12.23.2012 is right around the corner and could turn out to be anything from an alien invasion to a robot take over. Whether or not this impending apocalypse is getting the masses worried, it certainly ought to make you begin asking urgent questions about survival. For example: “How would I know if a robot uprising was happening?” and “In the event of a robot uprising, what are some ways we can fight back?” Daniel H. Wilson, a roboticist and self-appointed expert on artificial intelligence, has the answers.

WATCH, BEWARE! and have a fabulous weekend!


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