Chris Abani, the Nigerian novelist who brought us Graceland, has published a new novel. The Secret History of Las Vegas was officially released last week.

My review copy  of the crime thriller arrived two days ago. Once I’m done writing the review for Okey Ndibe’s Foreign Gods Inc, I’ll dig in and then tell you guys what I think.

PEN America published an interview with the author to inaugurate the release of his novel. I gleaned a few fun questions I thought you’d like.

Congrats to Abani!


Whose work would you steal without attribution or consequence?

There are so many! God, that is a hard one. I’m always in awe of good writing, even that done by my students. But I think Toni Morrison, Derek Walcott, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez would be three that come to mind immediately.

Have you ever been arrested? Care to discuss?

Yes I have been arrested but it’s a complicated narrative not suited for short answers. But I will also admit to shoplifting chocolate once when I was eight. I got caught. Shame.

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever put into words?

Will you marry me?

What book would you send to the leader of a government that imprisons writers?

Wole Soyinka’s The Man Died.

Read full interview HERE.