Icarus to Icari

the dead in us

fly with Daedalus

the living I

has caught the sky

between my wings

the zephyr sings

Icarus, icari

the dead in us

fly with Daedalus

we dwell in dreams

high on passing

gusts of emotions

our wings fall apart

at the seams

Icarus or Icari

The dead in us

Fly with Daedalus

I am the sky

I am the sun

No soul brighter than me

sink into the sea

I am the one.


The stunning image in the post is part of a digital project on African migration created by Prisco III via African Digital Art. See more images HERE

gloria kiconco - PortraitGloria Kiconco was born in Rukungiri, Uganda in 1990 and moved to the United States in 1996. She returned to Uganda at her family’s behest in 2008 and completed a degree in Mass Communication at Uganda Christian University.

During her time at UCU she was an active poet and performer at the university, in Kampala’s local poetry scene and even in Nairobi where she performed slam poetry at a few local venues.

Gloria is passionate about all forms of writing, performing slam poetry, and reading. You can find more of her work on her blog