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(For Chielozona Eze)

I love to have some love songs playing in the background

When I make love to my woman. She loves it too.

There’ve been many times when the words are the exact

Of what I have in mind—thoughts that have found no words

And the music speaks them for me.

So it’s easy to kiss her lips and take her on a voyage

Across the moon and stars and over the beyond and back.


Last week there was no power, there was

No fuel in the generator, and there was

No Home Theatre to give my thoughts a voice,

So she turned on the radio on her phone and there was a pastor on-air.

Fornicators will not inherit God’s kingdom. Get married instead…

We recognized the voice— our pastor in church. True, he is married.

We stared at each other in silence as guilt enveloped us

Like criminals handcuffed in police custody.


But last night I saw my pastor in a hotel with my Choir mistress

Kissing, hugging, touching on the staircase.

Questions puzzled me: Who isn’t guilty?

And even worse: Why?

P.S: When the fires from the fire fly sets a house afire and man complains of the bryophyllum in the garden as the problem of the hood, then surely the woodpecker has pecked too deeply into his sensibilities and he must learn again to think.


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Famous_IsaacsFamous Isaacs is a Nigerian poet. Born in 1988, he holds a BA in English and Literature from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He is the author of two self-published collections, ONE DAY IN THE FAILING LIGHT OF DUSK (2013), and BEYOND (2014). His upcoming collections, WE’VE ALL GOT OURS and HOPE IS NOT A GRAIN OF SAND, document narratives of travel with themes of isolation, trauma, disillusionment, violence, and feminism. His writings have been featured in Saraba Magazine. Check out his blog and follow him @famousisaacs