This weekend had me smiling to the moon and back. Holy Sex, the super-popular story series written by Obinna Udenwe and published here on Brittle Paper won the Nigerian Writers Award for best short story series.

{Click here to read the first episode}

The Nigerian Writers Awards rewards writers and other industry stakeholders for the work they are doing promoting Nigerian writing. Kudos to the organizers for thinking outside the box and providing this amazing platform for giving hard working people in the literary community the recognition they deserve.

Working with Udenwe on Holy Sex was super-fun. I’m not surprised that readers love it and that it’s getting all this recognition. The story is gripping and the images done by Laolu Senbanjo are stunning.

Congrats to Obinna Udenwe. 2016 is proving to be an amazing year for him.

If you’re looking to read more stuff by Udenwe, check out his conspiracy crime thriller  Satans and Shaitans. I strongly recommend it. To order a copy, email your name and address to [email protected]