CD Cover - Kagayi PeterIf you are always on the look out for new African writing, Nyana Kakoma is some one you want to watch out for. The Ugandan writer and publisher is the mastermind of Sooo Many Stories, a literary project that started out as a blog but that has now become a publishing house.

On June 8th, she hosted the official release of Peter Kagayi’s 50-poem collection titled The Headline That Morning and Other poems.

Kagayi’s poetry collection is a testament to his talent. It takes the reader on an excursion through questions of love, disillusionment, and politics. Kagayi is a spoken work poet, which is why it’s great that a cd containing recordings of Kagayi performing 15 of the 50 poems is attached to the collection.

One critic says that Kagayi’s poetry “journeys between the scintillatingly funny and the poignant”— an observation you’ll find to be true when you listen to the audio recording of “Last Night I Told a Stranger About You.”

Congrats to Kagayi and his brilliant publisher Nyana Kakoma!

The Headline That Morning and Other poems is available for purchase here.