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We are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new story series titled The Fall of the Gods. It’s a cosmological fantasy. It tells the story of Odion, a troubled teenager who unwittingly gets drawn into a deadly warfare between Yoruba and Igbo gods.

Brittle Paper readers are not new to our hit story series. You’ve all read and loved Obinna Udenwe’s Holy Sex, Ayodele Olofintuade’s Adunni, Tolulope Popoola’s Memoirs of a Wedding Planner, Feyisayo Anjorin’s The Night My Dead Girlfriend Called, Eugene Odogwu’s In the Shadows of Iyanibi, and a few others. Anthony Azekwoh’s Fall of the Gods is simply the latest addition to this expanding body of narrative projects designed to diversify your taste in African storytelling.


In the year 1966, an army of Orishas led by Sango stormed Amadioha’s palace and razed it the ground, starting a decades-long war between two of Nigeria’s most powerful divine orders. Blinded by the rage of battle, the gods did not detect the rise of a third power, far greater and deadlier than anything they could have imagined. When gods, on both the Yoruba and Igbo sides, begin falling mysteriously to their death, Sango seeks the help of Odion, a Lagos teenager destined to rise from his dark past to become a hero. But can a human hero save the gods from a doomed fate?

The Fall of the Gods is an action-packed YA fantasy based on the mythical bond that ties human life with the realm of the divine. It demonstrates the power of stories to change our lives. It also reminds us that Sango and Amadioha are not relics of the past and that, sometimes, what it means to be a hero in today’s world is knowing how to find inspiration in the stories of the gods.

Anthony Azekwoh, author of The Fall of the Gods

We introduced you to Anthony Azekwoh’s work a year ago when we published a short story titled “The Fall of the Gods,” which he has now expanded into an 8-part series. He is 17 years old and has been writing since he was 13. Azekwoh who is currently a student at Covenant University graduated from Whitestands Secondary School, a school known for cultivating literary talent in students by publishing an anthology of student writing annually. Azekwoh’s work not only appeared in last year’s anthology but also won the first prize for both fiction and poetry. He is young, but he writes with wisdom and an impressive knowledge of Nigeria’s cosmological narratives.

We are honored to present the #TFOG to you.

Stop by next Monday, August 21, to lose yourself in this breathtaking story of the gods.


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I hold a doctorate in English from Duke University and recently joined the Marquette University English faculty as an Assistant Professor. I love teaching African fiction and contemporary British novels. Brittle Paper is the virtual space/station where I play and experiment with ideas on how to reinvent African fiction and literary culture.

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  1. Pius Oiaka 2017/08/15 at 20:04 #

    Why this title:The Fall of the Gods? Would it not have been the ;gods?

  2. ezicat 2017/08/19 at 12:51 #

    ^^Because African Gods also deserve a capital G?

  3. Mazi 2017/08/21 at 12:35 #

    Ezicat, can I send you a kiss?

  4. ezicat 2017/08/28 at 19:46 #

    ^^Of course, Mazi

  5. Tope Akintayo 2017/10/02 at 07:28 #

    Ezicat, take one more kiss.

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