In the wake of Nigeria’s Dusty Manuscript Contest, it is encouraging to see Africa Writers Trust rolling out a fellowship designed to help publishers and writers at the early stages of their career. The fellowship is designed to provide training, resources, and possibly funding for writers and publishers interested in self-publishing.

According to the website:

The African Writers Trust Publishing Fellowship programme is aimed at equipping early career publishers and creative writers, who are looking to self-publish their works, with the skills they require to develop their works to high, publishable standards. The programme’s focus is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, expertise, experiences and collaborative learning between the more experienced publishers and early career and emerging ones.provides training, resources, and possibly funding for self-publishing.

Application for the fellowship is open exclusively to East African writers from the following countries: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan.

If you are eligible to apply, click HERE for application guidelines and more information on the specific offers of the fellowship.

Contact: [email protected] and [email protected]

Deadline: Monday, 30 July at 5 pm GMT