The Society for Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria (SBMEN) is calling for applications to its fourth (and last) editing workshop of 2019, to be held in Lagos. The workshop is themed ‘Literary Criticism: Judging Dynamic Creative Writing in All Forms’ and will be facilitated by editorial experts including Oris Aigbokhaevbolo, an award-winning cultural critic; Adebukola Bassey, the founding editor of BMS Editorial Services; and Anwuli Ojogwu, executive director and co-founder of SBMEN. The guest expert is Adewale Maja-Pearce, a writer, journalist and literary critic. The previous workshop, held in September, was titled “The Fundamentals of Editing Fiction and Non-Fiction.”

Founded in 2017 by Anwuli Ojogwu and Kachifo Limited managing editor Enajite Efemuaje, SBMEN was created to support aspiring and professional editors through the provision of training and resources to develop their skills. Members of the Lagos-based organisation include professionals in fields such as broadcasting, digital media, legal services, communications, public relations, and academia. The organisation provides training and resources for professionals to increase their proficiency in editing.

According to the SBMEN website, the workshop “focuses on building the critiquing skills of an editor. The participant will explore the techniques of judging and critiquing the quality of creative work. Other topics will include improving the ability to read texts analytically, and writing insightful reviews. Practical classes included with writing exercises.”

For more information on how to enroll in the workshop, email [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message to 08120055823.