Bernardine Evaristo and Girl, Woman, Other at London’s Southbank Centre. Photo credit: Tolga Akmen and AFP via Getty Images.

Last night, the BBC was at the receiving end of a storm on Twitter when a presenter failed to name Bernardine Evaristo in a reference to the Booker Prize she shared with Margaret Atwood. The presenter, who is male and white, named Atwood but described Evaristo as “another author.” The gaffe came during a live broadcast of the Turner Prize, which this year was also shared among four artists.

“Now, this is a bit different from the Booker Prize earlier in the year where the judges couldn’t make up their minds,” began the presenter, Shaun Ley, “so they gave it to Margaret Atwood and another author, who shared the prize between them.”

A clip of the video was uploaded to Twitter by Booklove Multicultural Travelling Book Carnival, a campaign group which promotes diversity in literature.

Evaristo herself retweeted it. “How quickly and casually they have removed my name from history – the first black woman to win it,” she said. “This is what we’ve always been up against, folks.”

She appealed to her followers to retweet.