Photo credit: Nick Karvounis. Source: Unsplash.


This is a tribute

to the dreams

we failed to keep

between our

breasts, for the

fantasies we painted

in white dresses only,

for the waters we saw

as hopeless fate.



My history books sing

the essence of a sisterhood—

iconic elements, peculiar

picayunes in a game of chance.

The bodies of my sisters are art

contoured by god’s fingertips,

a swarm

placed on high pedestals,

fronds of palm screaming

into the arrogance of the wind.


This is for the women that

flip their tongues searching

for the bells of a church, for

the women we follow to their

homes, for the ones that call

us sisters:

beyond the dark of our thighs,

bulge of our chests,

curve of our hips.


Shall we go home together?




Obasa Oluwafunmilayo is an upcoming Nigerian poet and photographer currently studying History and International studies at the University of Ilorin. With her words and photographs, she paints images of her sentiments, political faults of her country, and gender equality.