The Society for the Promotion, Revitalization, and Improvement of New Nigerian Generations (SprinNG), a literary organisation pledged to increase opportunities for writers, has launched the SprinNG Women Authors Prize, which “will select a Nigerian female author—someone who has published a full-length book in print—and invest N100,000 in purchasing, distributing, and marketing copies of their book nation-wide.”

We are simply looking for female Nigerian authors who have published excellent books that deserve to be promoted and supported. Only one Nigerian female author will be selected annually for this prize. However, we will use the opportunity to promote other select authors through interviews, book reviews, newsletter promotions, and collaborations to increase their visibility in the Nigerian literary sphere.

We require a self-nomination process, meaning that prospective applicants will complete the application and nominate themselves. The author will only be able to submit one book for the nomination, and it can be of any genre and theme, self-published or released by a publisher in any year. There is no age or region eligibility rule. The book nominated must be available for purchase in Nigeria.

The Prize will open for applications in July and close in September. The judges will be announced in October.

For more information of the SprinNG Women Authors Prize, visit the website.