SBMEN Announces Its First Editing Workshop for Editors and Writers This February 2020

Lagos, 14 February 2020 — The Board of Trustees and Management of the Society of Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria (SBMEN) are proud to announce it will be holding its fifth editing workshop for the year themed: Editing 101: Developing an Editor’s Mindset. It is scheduled to hold from 22 to 23 February 2020.

This is the first part of the four-part training course for the year 2020. This year, SBMEN’s goal to apply more practical aspects in its courses to accelerate the learning of participants that attend her courses. This February workshop will begin to explore the new direction that she is exploring. This course is valuable to budding and aspiring editors looking to build a career in editing. It also serves as a refresher course to re-establish the basics for professional editors. Participants will also examine different aspects of editing—structural editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

The training will explore a broad range of subjects from the role of the editor in the publishing process, understanding the editorial process, creative writing, and introduction to editing, tools and standards, which are necessary knowledge to succeed as an editor.

It will be facilitated by a rich coterie of editorial experts including Femke Van Zeijl, journalist, contributor, New York Times & Al Jeezera; Enajite Efemuaye, Managing Editor, Kachifo Limited/co-founder, SBMEN; Ngozi Osu, Editor and Literary Consultant/Founder, MCJ Media; and Anwuli Ojogwu, ED/co-founder, SBMEN.

Workshop will be delivered through lectures, interactive sessions, class exercises, case studies, and breakout sessions. Interested editors and writers are encouraged to apply. For more information on how to enrol in the training, email: [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message to 08120055823.

The Society for Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria (SBMEN) is a new educational and professional association that represents and supports aspiring and existing editorial professionals to develop editorial skills that meet global best practices. It is also extended to other professionals who work within publications, broadcasting, digital media, legal services, communications, public relations and academia. The organisation provides training and resources for professionals to increase their proficiency in editing.

For more information, visit the SBMEN website.