Photo credit: Jessica Vincent.

Last Tuesday, February 25, Bernardine Evaristo was at Vogue House in London for the launch of the new Vogue Talks series. Following a brief cocktail session, the Booker Prize winner read her fantasy short story, “Star of the Season,” which appeared in the March issue of British Vogue. The story is set in a world of high-concept couture and focuses on a cybernetic socialite who decides the future of fashion.

After her reading, Evaristo was in conversation with Vogue features editor Olivia Marks. Most of the discussion revolved around her Booker Prize-winning novel Girl, Woman, Other. Among other things, the author shared insight on her starting point for the novel, including how it took her five years to finish. She also spoke about how feminism runs through all of her work, and how she hopes to leave a lasting legacy as a literary activist. The evening ended with a final nightcap of a cocktail and book signing.

Here are a few photos from Vogue‘s website, all credited to Jessica Vincent.

Evaristo with Vogue features editor Olivia Marks.