Bhakti Shringarpure, Editor-in-Chief of Warscapes magazine and author of Cold War Assemblages: Decolonization to Digital, has issued a call for short video diaries that detail personal experiences, associated memories, human connections, and emotional reactions to the coronavirus pandemic.

Shringarpure seeks out submissions that will cut through the anxiety-inducing headlines and overwhelming data that floods news media outlets in order to “weave an emotionally vibrant and artistic tapestry,” sharing on Twitter:

Guidelines for submissions are as follows:

1. WIDESCREEN recording — Flip your phone to widescreen. Do NOT shoot in vertical.

2. CLEAR SOUND — Make sure the sound is clear, our world has been quiet so this should be easy.

3. PLAN IN ADVANCE — While informal, casual and intimate is great, it would be better write your piece down, work through it before recording, experiment with form, play with the visual. We would prefer to keep editing to the minimal.

4. TWO MINUTES MINIMUM — your entry should be at least 2 minutes long, no stipulations for maximum length.

5. Send videos to [email protected]