Liberian-American author Wayétu Moore is staying busy and productive.

Barely a year since the release of her widely praised memoir The Dragons, The Giant, The Women (read an excerpt here),  she announces a forthcoming book.

The book, which is titled Melanchta is her second novel, following her debut work She Would Be King (reviewed here) and is inspired by “the West African Vodun mythological figure of Mami Wata, following the life of a US-raised Liberian woman who discovers that she can breathe underwater and encounters a sea witch who encourages her to use her power to rid the world of evil men”.

The novel was pitched to Andrea Schulz at Viking, at auction, by Susan Golomb at Writers House, reveals Publishers Marketplace Deal Report.

There is no set date for publication yet.

Wayetu shared the news on instagram:


Brittle Paper congratulates Wayetu Moore!




Post image via Instagram | @wayetu