The first episode of Professor Ato Quayson’s youtube show is up!

Ato Quayson is a Professor of English at Stanford University, current President of the African Studies Association and one of the honored guests of Brittle Paper’s #WeTurnToBooks Instagram Live Series.

Earlier this month, Prof. Quayson launched a YouTube channel titled Critic.Reading.Writing with Ato Quayson, a platform for reflecting on the role that literature plays in our understanding of the world today.

This week’s episode looks at the concept of tragedy and how it relates to grief. The 28-minute video takes viewers on an engaging journey through the Greek origins of the term. Thinking through Aristotle’s philosophy classic Nicomachean Ethics, Professor Quayson addresses some misconceptions about tragedy. Using the Book of Job and Shakespheare’s Hamlet as examples, he shows the darker, more unsettling but also more fascinating meaning of tragedy, focusing on the experience of grief in the different texts.


Critic.Reading.Writing with Ato Quayson is the show for booklovers hungry for meaningful conversations about books.

New episodes of Critic.Reading.Writing with Ato Quayson will be posted every Friday.

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