Photo by Kola Tubosun

Nigerians have been on the streets fighting against police brutality with a burning sense of injustice that recalls the recent #blacklivesmatter protest in the US. The target of the protest is the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a police force unit that has been accused of subjecting Nigerians to unlawful arrests, murder, harassment, and torture.

Over the years, reports and videos of individuals killed brutally and harassed have circulated online, sparking outrage. But, with this protest, Nigerians are saying it is enough. After days of protests, the Nigerian government has dissolved SARS!

Like the #blacklivesmatter hashtag, the #endsars and #endsarsnow hashtags have been trending, mobilizing support the world over. A movement that started in Nigeria has become a transnational conversation, with foreign media amplifying the voices of the protesters.

Nigerian writers and literary platforms have also lent their voices. Some shared statements supporting protesters and criticized the government’s inaction. Like Kola Tubosun and his spouse Temi Giwa, others were out protesting. (See photos below.)