For the (young) women organizing, leading, pushing the #endsars #endpolicebrutality protests in #nigeria.

A poem ( inspired by Where I’m From By George Ella Lyon)

Where I come from
Little girls are made from clay baked
incandescent gold
Like chicken thighs coated in glitter
None of that sugar and spice and all things nice
Apple crumble pie to slice up and eat


We splinter
And catch in your throat
If you try to hold us between your teeth
The Wolf that you are

Where I come from
Little girls have wings of adire and akwete held
together by blood
Not wax like silly Icarus’s who tumbled and fell
and paid for his daring—


We fly to the sun, the moon, the stars
The price for daring is not death
But life after life after life—
Birthing revolutions

We are Earth, Wind and Fire

Photo by Victor Odiba via shoeboxphotography