We are delighted to present Brittle Paper’s 50 Notable African Books of 2020. After one year of closely observing the literary scene and keeping a meticulously documented database of published books, we compiled a list of 50 books that we believe enriched the experience of readers. You can find all 50 books on this beautifully designed page.

We hope you enjoy exploring  the list as much as we enjoyed compiling it. Each blurb has been lovingly written to bring out what is beautiful about the book. We hope the list inspires you to become a more passionate reader of African books. Let us know what you think of the list, and make sure to share with friends and family!

About Brittle Paper’s Annual Notable Books List

The Notable African Books list was launched in 2018. It was inspired by the need for a pan-African end-of-year book list that accurately represented the wealth of literary works coming out of the continent and the diaspora.

Books on the list tend to cover a broad area of genres and considerations. As you might expect, we include books that make the most splash in the global literary scene. But we also make space for lesser-known books from small presses on the continent, books by writers from under-represented demographics, translated books, books that touch on issues of pressing concern, books that push the boundaries on formal experimentation, and, lastly, books that expand the African literary canon in interesting directions.

In just three years, the notable books list has become a rich resource for both new and seasoned readers of African literature looking for guidance on what to read. Most of all, the list shows that the African literary scene is thriving.