On April 30th, Connect Africa is hosting a series of conversations about exciting new books on African literature. Everyone is invited. The event is free; however, registration is required. The event is hosted by the Yale Macmillan Council on African Studies.

Led by University of Connecticut professor Bhakti Shringapure, “Connect Africa is a small group of scholars who work on African literary and cultural studies and are located in the Northeast USA.”

According to Prof. Shringapure, this edition of the event is designed like “an exhibit so we glean all kinds of info on new books in this dynamic and ever-growing field.” Some of the featured works include Naminata Diabate’s Naked Agency, Jeanne-Marie Jackson’s African Novel of Ideas, Tinashe Mushakavanhu’s Reincarnating Marechera, Grace Musila’s Wangari Mathai’s Registers of Freedom, Shola Adenekan’s African Literature in the Digital Age, Christopher Ouma’s Childhood in Contemporary Diasporic African Literature, Jennifer Wenzel’s The Disposition of Nature, and Ato Quayson’s Tragedy and Postcolonial Literature. 

She also notes: “As you know, so many book launches got lost to covid. I decided to create a format that resembles an exhibit so we glean all kinds of info on new books in this dynamic and ever-growing field. I know also that people are so fed up long zoom conferences and so you can come and go as you wish during this event. We’re allocating 30 minutes to two scholars and have 9 such “lightning rounds.”

April 30 @ 8:30am Eastern Time (US and Canada) (1pm WAT)

Follow this link to register.

See below for the schedule of events and the complete list of books and scholars featured.