Namwali Serpell announced on Twitter that her second novel, The Furrows: An Elegy, will be published by Hogarth Books.

The Furrows: An Elegy “conjures the ongoing, uncanny experience of mourning, and the longing for reunion that makes us seek those we’ve lost in others.” While there is no official release date, Serpell hints in a recent interview with The New York Review that the novel is set to release in 2022.

Serpell further divulged in her Tweet, “For inquiring minds, it’s (mercifully) much shorter than The Old Drift, and it’s set in the U.S., but it is NOT a wan little husk of “auto fiction.” [This tweet will expire tomorrow.]”

Though The Furrows is officially Serpell’s second novel to be published, she has referred to the project in interviews as her first novel. Serpell tells The New York Review, “I finished a novel, The Furrows, in 2014, and put it in a drawer.”

Back in 2011, upon receiving a prize for promising women writers, Serpell revealed details of an even earlier draft to Berkley News:

She has almost completed her first novel, “Furrow,” which begins with a 12-year-old girl who loses her younger brother. As an adult, the girl meets a man who resembles him, but this seeming reunion unfolds deceit and delusion as it becomes known that he is a con man, torn between the scam, his attraction to the woman, and their shared sense of familiarity.

We can’t wait to learn more about The FurrowsAn Elegy. Congratulations to Namwali Serpell!